How to Attend

how to register
Register for the Night with the Homeless

This year, the Night with the Homeless will be held virtually, on October 22, 2021, for participants around the world. Officially join the Night with the Homeless by registering for your night out.

Registration is $30 per individual. Complete the registration process to join by clicking on the image above to receive your Night with the Homeless Welcome Kit, which contains everything you need to have a meaningful experience.

You can set up your sleep out anywhere. You can participate by yourself or get your friends, family, co-workers, or church group involved and register as part of a team. The more people you have on your team, the more money you can raise for people in need.

how to fundraise
Fundraise and spread awareness

When you register, you will create a personal fundraising page that you can customize with a photo, store, and fundraising goal. you can then share your personal URL with everyone so they can donate directly on this page.

Never fundraised before? Don’t worry. Once you register, you will have full access to fundraising tools and personalized coaching from NLEC staff to help you along.

Plus, everyone who reaches their fundraising goal will receive a certificate to celebrate your progress.

how to sleep out
When you participate virtually, you will find a safe and legal place where you can spend the night. It can be anywhere! Your backyard, porch or your kitchen floor are great options. It is important to think about what comforts and activities you will give up for the night. Your bed is one comfort, but also consider going without a pillow or blanket, comfy pajamas, or access to conveniences like your refrigerator.

The event is about much more than an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Review our resource page and select activities to participate in, stories to read or watch, and other ways to engage in education or advocacy that night.

We will provide activity ideas and exclusive videos to help make your Night with the Homeless experience meaningful, but you are in charge. Make it your own and make it memorable. Bring snacks, play music, or build a campfire. There is no reason helping people cannot be fun!

In the morning, we encourage you to perform a morning reflection to talk through your experience, how it differs from what people facing homelessness experience, and ways you can stay engaged in the movement to end homelessness.