Night with the Homeless Checklist

By giving up your bed for one night, you are ensuring that people experiencing homelessness can sleep safely at New Life Evangelistic Center Safe Houses.

This checklist includes ideas on how to make Night with the Homeless meaningful for you.

❏ Pick a location.

Part of what makes the Night with the Homeless meaningful is that participation requires a physical and emotional investment. It is up to you to determine how you will make yourself uncomfortable.

Identify where and how you will sleep out now so that you can include it in your messages to friends and family. Details will help people understand exactly what you are doing.

Start with the knowledge that you are giving up your bed. Then review your options: your backyard, porch, or driveway; your terrace or balcony; your car; the floor of a room that you would not normally sleep in. Only sleep out in a location that is safe and legal.

❏ Create your Night with the Homeless schedule.

Night with the Homeless is about more than giving up your bed. Plan a night for yourself that includes learning about homelessness, getting to know the people whose lives are affected by your efforts, and reflecting on the experience.

Find a sample schedule at (add URL here).

Find activity ideas and other content in your Night with the Homeless Toolkit: (add URL here)

❏ Prep your supplies.

This night is meant to be spent in solidarity, so stick to the basics and plan to go without any luxury bedding items like pillows and blankets.

If you are going outside, wear layers. Be conscious of what those in your geographic area may or may not have for a night on the streets and try to keep it simple (while staying safe).

We recommend keeping your smartphone with you throughout the night to document your Night with the Homeless with photos and share them on social media.

❏ Update your friends and family.

Let your community know that your Night with the Homeless has started and how they can support you! The funds and awareness raised through Night with the Homeless are an important part of the experience and are vital in helping New Life Evangelistic Center keep our doors open for people experiencing homelessness.

Find sample messages and social media content in your fundraising toolkit: (add URL here).