Activity 3

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Post-Night with the Homeless

Find time to thank your donors. Share a story and photo of your Night with the Homeless, and let... Read More

Morning Reflection

Watch this short video message from staff and guests at New Life Evangelistic Center when you wake up. Before... Read More

Sleep Out

The moment you’ve been waiting for. Settle into your sleeping bag or wherever you are set up for the... Read More

Set Up Your Spot

Gather your supplies and start to set up your Night with the Homeless spot. Your checklist includes suggestions on... Read More

Give Up Your Bed Activity

Night with the Homeless is not about pretending to be homeless. It’s a demonstration to homeless people that they... Read More

Start your Night with the Homeless

Begin your night by watching this Kick-Off video, which covers what your night could look like and features stories from... Read More