What Is Homelessness Assistance and What’s It Like in the US?

Dedicated assistance for the homeless still needs improvement, but, even so, it continues to play a significant role in helping people stay safe and off the street.

70% of homeless people can receive temporary beds.

(End Homelessness)

The support is available from Emergency Shelters, Transitional Housing, and Safe Haven, ensuring that 7 out of 10 homeless individuals can get a bed to sleep in a given night.

One promising statistic on homelessness states that permanent housing intervention has grown by 450%.

(End Homelessness)

Permanent housing interventions have experienced a 450% growth over the past 5 years, providing rapid and effective support to families and individuals in need. By keeping them sheltered and off the street, the assistance can dramatically decrease the risk of homelessness.

Over 65% of the homeless population in America is in homeless shelters.


Homeless shelter stats show that, on any given day, shelters can welcome 65% of the entire population of homeless people, ensuring they can have a safe and warm place to stay at night. More often than not, shelters also help them find public housing.