How does Night with the Homeless work?

This year, the Night with the Homeless will be held virtually, on October 22, 2021, for participants around the world. Officially join the Night with the Homeless by registering for your night out.

Registration is $30 per individual. Complete the registration process to join by clicking on the image above to receive your Night with the Homeless Welcome Kit, which contains everything you need to have a meaningful experience.

You can set up your sleep out anywhere. You can participate by yourself or get your friends, family, co-workers, or church group involved and register as part of a team. The more people you have on your team, the more money you can raise for people in need.

When you register, you will create a personal fundraising page that you can customize with a photo, store, and fundraising goal. you can then share your personal URL with everyone so they can donate directly on this page.

Where do I spend my night during the Night with the Homeless?

Night with the Homeless is a virtual, do-it-yourself event where you choose your own location (make sure that it is safe and legal) and plan your own personalized night. You can sleep out in your own backyard or driveway, in parking lots and grounds of your school, church, business, local park (NOTE: you must get permission to sleep on private property and New Life Evangelistic Center does not provide insurance or take any liability for your Night with the Homeless night out).

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you should follow CDC guidelines on social distancing.

Wherever you sleep during the Night with the Homeless, you can have a meaningful experience using the resources we provide.

How does sleeping outside help people facing homelessness?

Every dollar you raise as a participant in Night with the Homeless goes directly to New Life Evangelistic Center, an international nonprofit that provides housing and supportive services to people facing homelessness in the St. Louis Metro Area, Springfield, and other cities throughout Missouri. So by participating, you’re making a way for a person in need to sleep in a warm, safe bed at New Life Evangelistic Center Safe Houses . People can find themselves homeless for lots of reasons, from financial issues to abusive home lives. New Life Evangelistic Center, actively reaches out to homeless individuals and offers them love, respect, and the tools they need to build a stable and happy future.

What should I do while I am participating in Night with the Homeless?

Night with the Homeless is an engaging way for people to learn about the hardships that people face and take an active role in giving their solidarity and support. We will provide suggestions for family-friendly activities to do leading up to and during your Night with the Homeless to make it a meaningful event for all involved.

How can I get more involved with New Life Evangelistic Center?

Thank you for wanting to get even more involved in the fight against homelessness! Visit our website, send us an email, or call Dulce Jones.

I want to donate to someone’s Night with the Homeless sleep out. How do I find their page?

Ask the person to send you a link to their page. If you are unable to ask them, or they don’t have their link anymore, please email [email protected] or give us a call at (314) 421-3020 and ask for the Business Office.

How can I double my Night with the Homeless donation?

Many companies will match donations made by their employees. Contact the human resources department at your office to ask if your company has a matching gift program. If so, they will likely give you a one-page form to fill out and mail to us. We’ll confirm receipt of your donation, send the form back to your company, and then the company will send New Life Evangelistic Center a check or EFT. It’s an easy way to double your impact! 

How do I get a receipt for my online donation?

After you complete your donation, you will receive an email confirmation with a PDF gift form attached. This email is your official gift receipt, and you may print it and save it for your records. If you did not receive a receipt, please email [email protected] with the name of the participant you supported and we will resend one.

How do I donate by mail or phone?

We would prefer debit or credit card donations to be made online. However, to make a credit or debit card donation by phone, please call (314) 421-3020 and ask for the Business Office.

To make a cash or check donation, please print and fill out the Night with the Homeless Donation form. You can mail this form along with your check to:

New Life Evangelistic Center
ATTN: Night with the Homeless
P. O. Box 473
St. Louis, MO 63166